Yann (b. Yann Sadi, Laval, 1981) had been developing his skill in art direction in advertising for 8 years before he then started to focus on illustration – so you can say that commercial works are his dedicated forte.

“I’ve always wanted to do a creative job. I like to have a blank sheet, start finding ideas and keep going to the final result. Finally, I like the idea that thousands, millions of people can see drawings I do, what is possible through advertising.” – Yann once told us.

Today, for his illustration work, he is also known under the moniker blindSALIDA, an artist of marketing visual communication, which provides a wonderful service for any perfectionist client or agency who wants their campaign to be drawn right. “I always keep in mind to create illustrations for every public. I’m very curious, so I can’t lock myself into one style. I’m also inspired by nature, moving shapes like wind or water, and I am passionate about kinetic, surrealism and psychedelic arts.” – and his mission is simple, to pleased the public. “I just want to make them smile, make them a little happier people when their eyes will stop on one of my illustrations.”

Yann believes that the more types of his clients, the more differ a project he works on, would develop his creativity more and more, that’s why he always looking for a challenge. “France has a very long experience in illustration and even painting. It is encouraging and intimidating to live in a country where so many great artists went born. I don’t really see differences between countries with I use to work [primarily France, UK and USA], there are above all differences between the companies. Some have long process, some haven’t, some allow great freedom or some don’t… But I like every way to work, it keeps me from falling into a routine. And therefore, it stimulates my creativity.”

To name a few, Yann has worked with Orange, Fiat, Honda, Ovitrin, Azzaro, Sony Playstation, Quick, Coca-Cola, Monoprix, Head and Shoulders, Domino’s, French Federation of Football, and many more.

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