So the other day Rico from Norwegian-based Anti Denim reached out to us to invite Ykha to collaborate in this project, called 666 Frames. A brief description about the 666 Frames project; it is an international online art project consisting of 666 images or “frames”, where 666 specially selected artists all over the world are invited to create their own frame of darkness. Each frame will be uploaded and displayed online with a short story of each artist, images/movie clips and behind the scene stories.

And this is what Ykha’s has developed for her frame.

Title: Stay close
Eyes wide shut keeps the mind wanders what is truly around you, what is truly close, & what is truly closing in on you

Zoom for details:

I personally love this work, it’s eerie but somehow fresh, simple but ominous and strangely innocent. Reminds me to the world of Ghibli’s Studio imagination. Very well done Ykha, keep them coming!

More about 666 Frames project.