Ykha (b. Yfana Khadija Amelz, Jakarta, 1983) grew up in Jakarta, attend college in Bandung, fell in love with the city, decided to stay in Bandung, exploring art by illustrating, and also being a musician.

She has been drawing since she can draw fuzzy string and put eyes on it. “It ended up looking like a furry worm.” – she reminisces. “My childhood was a blast… hyper & happy. That’s why I got the heart of a 4 year old.”

Ykha prefers to draw with pencil and paper because of the texture, but more than that, she highly prefers to draw wholeheartedly. “A drawing goes out electric if you really experience and put emotion into it. I wanted people to know that they can feel different kinds of emotion just by looking at the lines and colors. To feel something makes you feel alive…” – And for her, creating lines and figures is a great way to channel her overwhelming feeling to something beautifully, productively, positive. “I dwell in art because it’s a good anger management for me. And a cure for boredom.”

To name a few, Ykha has worked with Heineken, Jooma, Masari, Martha Tilaar, Feminax – She has also done illustrations for magazines like Elle, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar editorial spread collaboration, Still Loving Youth, Hello Bali, and Provoke!. Ykha also has launch several of illustration books with Else-Press Publishing (Turiya, The Last Dino) and Gagas Media Publishing (Dongeng Sepanjang Masa H.C. Andersen). Not only that, she also designs merchandise for Kelas Pagi Third Eye Studio and The Bastards of Young, music posters & CD cover for S.C.A.N.D.A.L Studio and The Aftermiles, website illustrations for Up and Blackheart, and even, drawing mural for Happy Go Lucky Boutique.

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_Location: Bandung, Indonesia (Available for long distance & project calling) • Ykha’s updates   _HIRE_



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